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Automotive & Manufacturing 

Providing a cost-effective, timely solution to your industrial project is CEI's mission. CEI has a proven track record when it comes to industrial buildings. CEI installed its first automotive project for GM in 1977 and has worked for almost all of the major automobile manufacturers both domestic and foreign throughout the United States. CEI works on logistically challenging projects by choice and is rooted in low-slope roofing. The combinations of these two areas of expertise make CEI a good fit for any automotive or manufacturing company.


CEI teams with clients who demand exceptional customer service, top-notch safety, elaborate logistical plans, high-quality work that lasts, and in-depth knowledge of the entire building envelope. CEI delivers on all of the above. We are complex problem solvers that thrive on a challenge. We have more than 50 years’ experience excelling at solving our customer's building envelope solutions, both big and small throughout the United States and beyond.  

Shops, Plants and Facilities

CEI knows how to work with you to keep your operations moving and replace your roof. 



Project Focuses:

  • Efficient Scheduling 

  • Knowledge of the Industry 

  • Security 

  • Limiting Accidents

Manufacturing Plants

Robert Bosch Plymouth Township Technical Center

Corrugated Metal Panels

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