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Did you know?

Building owners and facility managers who inspect and repair their roofs routinely are able to identify potential problems before they happen. As a result, they spend an average of only 14¢ per square foot annually for maintenance. On the other hand, owners and managers who react to problems spend an average of 25¢ per square foot annually.

CEI knows the value of your roof investment.
Our dedicated service team wants to protect that investment and provide you with the most cost-effective solution that works for your situation. One of the most effective ways to protect your roof and extend its life is through preparing a regular maintenance schedule. 
CEI will work with you to design a maintenance plan that is right for your building's roof in the condition that it is in. Then we can help you put that plan into action by providing: 
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Emergency Service
  • Quarterly Email Reminders on Maintenance

The Guardian Program 

CEI's maintenance program to protect your roof year after year 


  • Protect assets 

  • Maintain a safe working environment 

  • Detect deficiencies early 


  • To determine if the roof system is performing as intended 

  • Identify signs of weakness 

  • Identify needed repairs 

  • Develop a maintenance work plan to correct deficient conditions 


  • Aerial image with sections outlined an identified 

  • Photos of the overall layout of the roof

  • Test core samples to verify the composition of the sub-layers of the roof system 

  • Inspection of the roof system and its components 

  • Inspection of interior finishes (ceilings and walls) for signs of moisture infiltration 

  • Photos of deficiencies found with location plotted on aerial and classified as either emergency or remedial in nature

  • A recommended course of action for each deficiency with a related cost 

  • Condition summary for each section of roofing with a grade classification 

  • Repairs vs. Replacement budget matrix 


  • Increase in life expectancy of the roof 

  • Save you the high cost of a roof replacement 

  • Protect your assets from costly damage 

  • Allow you to plan and budget for future costs

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