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Spring and Fall Inspections are the most important ways to maintain your roof! CEI provides free, cursory rooftop inspections!

Our goal is to present you with a variety of options and fresh possibilities for extending the life of your roof. We have repair solutions that can help you delay installing a costly new roof. With a roof inspection, you will receive an assessment of roof condition along with action steps for avoiding damage and minimizing cost.

Having inspections of the roof of your building twice a year can have significant benefits. Benefits can include, an increase in the life expectancy of your roof, saving you the high cost of roof replacement, protect your assets from costly damage and allow you to plan and budget for future costs.


  1.  Protect assets

  2. Maintain a safe working environment

  3. Detect deficiencies early


  1. To determine if the roof system is performing as intended

  2.  Identify signs of weakness

  3.  Identify needed repairs

  4. Develop a maintenance work plan to correct deficient conditions


  1. An aerial image of the facility with each section outlined and identified

  2. Photos of the overall layout of the roof, giving you the roof side vantage point

  3. Test core samples to verify the composition of the sub-layers of the roof system

  4. Inspection of the roof system and it’s components

  5. Inspection of interior finishes (ceilings and walls) for signs of moisture infiltration

  6. Photos of deficiencies found with their location plotted on the aerial image, classified as either emergency or remedial in nature

  7. A recommended course of action for each deficiency with a related cost

  8. Condition summary for each section of roofing with a grade classification

  9. Repairs vs. Replacement budget matrix

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