In the beginning, our mission started small with a safety board that read "Days since our last accident". The goal was to publish what was happening in regards to safety and make everyone responsible for safety on the job.
Since that first step, CEI's commitment to safety has only grown. In 2011, we added a full-time Safety Director to there team. He was tasked with keeping up with regulations and revamping the training program. CEI's safety program has continued to become more and more sophisticated and in 2016 they added another full-time position to the Safety Department, a Safety Manager.

CEI has always strived to meet safety expectations, starting about 7 years ago they rededicated themselves to excelling at safety!


"We had a couple of tough safety years before that and there was also a big push from our Customers to step up safety. It had always been something we did, but we started to make it something we live every day." -Kristine Cook Lindsey, Vice President




CEI has continued their commitment to safety excellence by creating a dedicated safety program. 

  • Monthly Foreman/ Safety Committee Meetings- To review how the company is doing and identify where and how to improve. Critical feedback from the field participation is key in these meetings.

  • Six Company-Wide Safety Meetings- Every other month there is a different focus presented by our Safety Director or we bring in guest speakers to keep safety in the minds of the field staff.

  • Weekly Toolbox Talks- These also focus on important safety issues but are run by the Foremen to stimulate discussion on safety and provide training opportunities for our crews on the project sites.

  • Daily Hazard Identification Checklists.

  • All Foremen are required to be 30hr OSHA Certified.

  • All field staff are encouraged to be at least 10hr OSHA Certified.

  • CEI's insurance group also has its own Safety Requirements that CEI is annually audited on.

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