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Slate and tile roofing requires skill and craftsmanship. CEI has trained their roofing professionals that pay attention to the details and take pride in their work. CEI brings together an understanding of the material, the sheet metal experts for critical flashing work, and the techniques for redirecting water off your roof.
CEI takes on slate projects that require a high level of detail. CEI's teams are experts on how to cut it,  hang it,  avoid breakage, and make sure your building is watertight. Our team takes the time to plan the slate project, hand-sort and mix the colors of the slate, to ensure that the project looks like a masterpiece.

Sustainability of Slate 








Slate roofing is a century-old roofing solution that provides many benefits for your building and the environment. Slate roofing is a beautiful and durable way to add custom craftsmanship to your project.


The beauty of slate can be attractive as a staple to the architecture of your building. The type of slate can determine how your slate roof ages and weathers last as long as you want. Slate provides a durability that is unmatched by any other roofing solution. It lasts a lifetime, resistant to acid, fireproof, low maintenance, and impermeable to moisture. 

The slate that CEI uses is locally sourced in the USA. For re-roofing projects, CEI tears off the slate then recycles it into a new project for different companies. Our slate has been recycled in landscaping, pools, small projects, and much more. 

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