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UM Ross 5-14-2012 Green roof inspection

Green Roofing

Our design team that includes a horticulturalist, energy conservation advisor, and serviceability manager will help you develop the type of green roof that meets your objectives. Green roofs can provide an attractive green space to your building. They are interesting elements that can make your building stand out from the rest. 
Maintenance and servicing of your green roofs require special bonding and insurance; finding a landscaping company that meets safety requirements for roofing service is impossible. CEI created a team that can meet the safety requirements of a roofing company, has the knowledge of the landscaping company and can do the service and repairs of roof service technicians. Once you have a green roof with CEI, we have you covered for service and beyond. 
University of Michigan Ross School of Business 
Ann Arbor, MI 

Intensive Green Roofing 

Usable Green Spaces 

Ann Arbor Municipal Building

University of Michigan

Ross School of Business

A3C Collaborative Architecture

Intensive Green


Usable Green Spaces 



Green Roofing 

Roof-Top Gardens


Extensive Green


Low Maintenance Natural Roof


Sustainable Roof Solutions

Non-Vegetative, Energy Conserving Roofing


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