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Architectural Wall Panels

For CEI, it was a natural progression into wall panels. CEI employs highly skilled sheet metal workers and CEI's customers started demanding our skills in a new way by asking for wall panel bids. CEI first installed standing seam wall panels at the Birmingham Fire Department Adams Fire Station in 1997. In 1999, CEI installed a shingle-style Rheinzinc wall panel system at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. 

Today, CEI continues to grow in depth of knowledge in the wall panel industry. We continue to push the limits of innovation in this field and now provide full service to your entire building envelope. Currently, we install all types of wall panels by the top manufacturers. 

Saline Recreation Center
Saline, MI 

Oakland University Hillcrest Student Housing

Toyota Georgetown Production Engineering and Manufacturing Center

John D. Dingell Transit Center


Metal Composite Wall Panels 


Insulated Metal Panels


Single Skin




Fiber Cement


Aluminum Plate

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