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Burnham House 
Ann Arbor, MI

Historical Renovation

CEI has worked on some of the most important architectural buildings in the southeastern Michigan region.  Renovation of historic buildings takes both skill and knowledge of how to maintain the structural integrity of the building. Keeping the building integrity while still crafting a product that stands out is something CEI has spent years perfecting. 
Renovating historic buildings to their original glory can create a sense of the place and connection in a community. Old world craftsmanship is a huge part of restoring these building types. Taking pride in being able to develop that environment keeps CEI striving to for excellence in their projects. 

University of Michigan 

West Hall Lanterns Renovation 

Award-Winning Projects
MHPN 2018 Preservation Gem Award 
University of Michigan West Hall Lanterns

"West Hall are one of the most prominent landmarks on the University of Michigan campus, ushering students onto the historic Diag since 1904. The copper-clad lanterns had suffered from weathering over the years, making restoration a priority for the University. The original copper cladding was carefully removed, restored, and re-installed over reconstructed and structurally strengthened framing, ensuring the longevity of these iconic lanterns. The restoration of the West Hall Lanterns is a fitting example of a building owner making the investment in a building to preserve its aesthetic and historic character for future generations." -Michigan Historic Preservation Network


University of Michigan

Martha Cook Residential Hall

University of Michigan

Observatory Lodge 

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