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Image by Zachary Shakked

Architectural Copper Works

CEI takes great pride in being able to create architectural works of art. If you are searching for that one of a kind piece or need something that displays artistry and old-world craftsmanship, then CEI would be a good fit for you. We thrive on thinking out of the box and having unique projects in our portfolio. CEI wants your building to stand out from the rest and be a statement on the street. 

Our union sheet metal team has a fantastic talent for crafting custom work and specialty items. They are always taking on special request for personalized pieces on projects. CEI has spent years building its reputation of being able to supply high-quality, unique custom architectural copper work. Let us show you what we can do. 

Domino's Farms Office Park

University of Michigan 

Michigan League

DSMME Motherhouse

Architecture Meets Art 
"It's all in the details" 

CEI has an incredibly talented team! Adding copper details to a project can make it standout. Our team specializes in craftsmanship and special details that challenge our abilities. CEI has crafted many details that have added special pieces to our projects. 

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